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Steri-Drapes are a brand of high-quality surgical drapes made by 3M Health Care. 3M Health Care is a recognized leader in medical adhesives and surgical drapes. Surgical teams all over the world use 3M surgical drapes for their operations.

Surgical drapes are disposable drapes placed on patients to isolate and maintain a sterile surgical site from other areas of the patient’s body that could increase the risk of a surgical site infection. Surgical drapes are barriers to the patient’s skin flora which has been found to be a source of surgical site infections. Incise surgical drapes are surgical drapes designed for the surgeon to cut directly into.

Surgical drapes are available in standard sizes for general use and also pre-cut and sized for specific operations. Surgical drapes available with a variety of features such as fluid control, adhesive areas to help attach to the skin, secure attachment for tubes and cords, resistant to tearing and strike-through, and instrument pouches.

US Pharmacia Sp Z.o.o is dedicated to providing top quality surgical supplies, medical supplies, and equipment at low prices. Our team at US Pharmacia Sp Z.o.o has decades of medical, surgical experience. Please contact us if you have any supplies or equipment questions. We work directly with the manufactures and can get product experts to answer the hardest questions. We provide free shipping on orders over $199, excluding oversize and heavy freight items. Thank you for visiting our medical and surgical supply store.

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